Welcome to Frequency Inc. Frequency is the evolution of a lifetime of experiences, projects, companies, technologies and successes and failures. It is through those wonderful and painful passages that we have learned so much and become familiar with so many talented people. Frequency has and will continue building successful strategies, technology, teams, projects as well as new products and companies. As we immerse ourselves in the current projects underway in the medical and automation markets, I am certain we will continue to evolve and refine our skills and calibrate our goals. In the meantime, we would like to work with energetic, motivated, skilled and visionary people to advance their projects, programs and people to the next level.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss new projects and initiatives with you. Whether your needs are tactical or strategic, short term or long term, project based or entrepreneurial, staffing or investing, please consider Frequency as a company and group of people who can add value to the effort.

Thank You
Paul Speese

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